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Efficient print media productions are unthinkable without intelligent media-use of IT. However, existing infrastructure and processes, and future strategy are completely different and sometimes very complex in each and every company. Do you too have structured comprehensive product data in your PIM or CMS system and are you looking for an efficient solution to print publishing? Then we should get to know each other! As a specialist in media IT and media production Laudert analyses and optimizes the ACTUAL state with foresight. It is often possible to develop potential even with small process changes and automatic procedures, to reduce production time as well as costs and to increase production safety considerably.


We know all about:

  • linking priint:comet via web services
  • developing C scripts
  • all priint:comet functions
  • linking and automating InDesign servers
  • linking the SAP Hybris print module (including SAP Hybris print cockpit)
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Print Publishing with priint:comet and Adobe InDesign

The implementation of so-called Dynamic Publishing is often the key to automatically creating print media from existing data sources. The application priint:comet has proved to be an all-round solution for Database-Publishing and Web2Print. Because of its extensive interface competence and experience Laudert has well-established expertise in using priint:suite in Dynamic Publishing projects. In July 2014 the Laudert-team was – first time worldwide - honored with the highest level of certification by WERK II as "Enterprise Solution Partner". The component priint:comet for example is also used in LaudertMediaPort® projects. Based on pre-defined templates the production of whole catalog or individual price schedules can be partly or even fully automated. The content used in the documents created is linked to the data source via so-called placeholders. This ensures that the document to be printed is up-to-date at all times.

Create added value easily

Show us your data sources, we will show you what is possible with them

We are fully flexible when linking data sources. This can be a PIM system like that of Informatica (Heiler) or SAP Hybris. But a CMS system such as TYPO3, a direct database connection or a simple Excel table can also be used as a data source. Fully automatic direct production from PDF documents is also possible, without having to create them first in Adobe InDesign. For this we link the new PDF Renderer to priint:suite.

Our data source expertise includes

LaudertMediaPort®, SAP Hybris, Contentserv, Informatica-PIM (formerly Heiler), CELUM, TYPO3 and other ODBC interfaces.

Success Stories

Convincingly good

That is what our customers say.

  • Horst Huber

    Laudert resolves complex print projects with well-established interface and automation competence and based on many years of expertise in media production and media IT.

    Horst Huber CEO, Werk II

  • Ruben Schmitz

    Together with Laudert we have succeeded in setting up an innovative and extremely efficient process.

    Ruben Schmitz Woolworth

  • Vincenz M. Behn

    With the processes and interfaces developed by Laudert DGQ is able to handle catalog production many times more efficiently and faster and hence to minimize the risk of error in the documents.

    Vincenz M. Behn Director of Marketing/Communication DGQ

  • Jörg Böttcher

    We appreciate the dedicated innovation and high advisory competency just as much as the everyday reliability.

    Jörg Böttcher Karstadt

  • Thorsten Wilhelm

    We have already been using LaudertMediaPort® 2 for many years for our advertising materials production. We have already successful converted the processes for delivery of manufacturers’ images with the new version of LaudertMediaPort® 3. We have received a consistently positive response to the system from internal and external users.

    Thorsten Wilhelm E-Commerce Director, Toys"R"Us

  • Arnd Hemmersbach

    Together with Laudert we have developed a completely new production process for our B2B catalogue. In doing this both the efficiency of the studio and media production teams as well as the innovative technical solutions of Dynamic Publishing developed by Laudert was of fundamental importance. For example we were able to shorten the production process by two weeks, which gives us a decisive competitive edge.

    Arnd Hemmersbach Manager Brand Communication Jack Wolfskin

  • Andrea Eßkuchen

    The understanding of all the departments and employees of the whole area of media production fascinates me.

    Andrea Eßkuchen BayWa

  • Oliver Kählert

    We value well-maintained contact and joint project experience. This gives our customers security and provides time and room for new ideas. Laudert is a Partner we can rely on.

    Oliver Kählert CEO, e-velopment

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